Jeans (Pants) Saver – The Extendable Fastener

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    Snap Button for the garment , apparel , leather products


    • Style:Round
    • Type:Shank
    • Jeans (Pants) Saver – The Extendable Fastener:20mm x 26mm / 55mm x 26mm

    Key Features

    The pants / jeans gets tighter after having too much delicate foods , feel not comfortable no matter being sat or standing , want to have the brief release , Jeans (Pants) Saver is your best solution !
    Suddenly find that can not put your trendy / chic pants or co-branding jeans on after having the over-relaxing holidays , limitation sales is cruel , it’s hard to give it away , cost you too much to get one more , swear to yourself to diet (lose weight) in order to put them on again , but just can NOT wear it at the moment , how will you deal with it ? Jeans (Pants) Saver is your best choice .
    *Jeans (Pants) Saver it’s tiny & light , easy to be carry-on , and the user friendly .
    *Jeans (Pants) Saver It’s not like the similar products on the market , its design of the flat backside which make the contact part of skin neither rash nor swell (inflammation) after the long time use . Besides , it substantially reduces the chance of being pinched during the use .
    *Jeans (Pants) Saver made of fine imported textile , its high strength makes it has the better flexibility , and not easy to be deformed . It fits for the most sizes of buttons on the jeans / pants .
    *Jeans (Pants) Saver made of the metal with the nice surface treatment , it’s not only more durable but also will not have the concern of being broken and then cut the skin in comparision with the plastic made item .

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT
    • Minimum Order:100 Gross

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