The custom-made special screw (bolt) fastener

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    • The special screw (bolt) fastener:The custom-made

    Key Features

    The special screw fasteners / bolt shown on the picture have been made according to the designs / requirements of clients , our experiences enable us to reach the customer’s demand in order to provide the satisfied products to our buyers . We have been working on the special screw (bolt) fasteners for many years , and we specialized in the custom-made screw (bolt) fastener , Metal Fastener, Metal Button, Snap Fastener, Snap Button, Silder, Hook, Ring, Screw Fastener, Screw Button, Medical Fastener, Medical Button, Electrode Fastener, Electrode Button, Custom-Made Fastener, Bolt, Custom-made Bolt .

    Payment Details

    • Minimum Order:3000 Piece(s)