The saw blade (gap teeth type) for the cutter

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    The better blade brings the perfect cut !


    • Age Group:Adult,Children
    • Type:Cutter Knife
    • Saw Blade - Shark Teeth Type:100mm*18mm*0.6mm
    • Saw Blade - Gap Teeth Type:100mm*18mm*0.6mm

    Key Features

    Both SK2E and SK2F have the gaps on each side of edge , we call it as the gap teeth .

    SK2E can be segmented , and SK2F is one completed piece of blade , this is the only difference between SK2E and SK2F . They all come in raw color and mat black .

    The feature of gap teeth is that it specialized in cutting the softer & thicker materials , like the thicker spongestyrofoam ! It can help to cut straighter in comparison with the regular blades on the market !

    And the thickness of SK2E、SK2F is 0.6mm which is 0.1mm ~ 0.2mm thicker than the common thickness , and therefore can avoid being hurt if the blade broken into pieces during the use , then it's not only more safety but also more durable !

    Payment Details

    • Minimum Order:100 Case/Cases


    • The saw blade ( gap teeth type )